1. Assist in the follow-up of the company's business, implement, implement and execute;
2. Participate in project negotiation, project follow-up, contract signing, project filing and other routine work;
3. Assist in the maintenance and expansion of the project;
4. Documentation and archiving of company business-related agreements and contracts;
5. Other work assigned by the leader.
Job Requirements
1.College degree or above in hotel management, administrative management, business management and other related majors;
2. More than 1 years of working experience as a business assistant;
3. Good image and temperament, lively and outgoing;
4. Can quickly grasp various knowledge related to the company's business;
5. Good teamwork spirit, honest and reliable, good conduct, and ability to resist pressure;
6. Adapt to the nature of short-term business trips and overtime work.
Working hours: nine to six, weekends off
Work location: Zidong International Creative Park, Qixia District, located at Jinma Road Station of Metro Line 2 and Line 4
Salary and benefits:
1. Salary 5500-6500, pay five insurances and one housing fund;
2. Comfortable and clean office environment;
3. Provide a clean and hygienic working lunch.
Contact us
Company landline: 025-84511111
Address: Building D6, Zidong Creative Park,
No.2 Zidong Road,Ma Qun Street,Qixia District,Nanjing
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Xufeng Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd.
Company landline: 025-84511111