Katian gas in 2022 to achieve revenue of 452 million yuan, will promote the development of energy storage business
By Chen Guoqing, Source: Shanghai Securities News â $cents china securities net 
kaitian gas released its annual report on the evening of April 20. In 2022, its operating income was 452 million yuan, down 1.53% year-on-year, and its net profit was 56,791,800 yuan, the net cash flow from operating activities was 97,533,800 yuan, an increase of 7.86 percent year-on-year. The company is a professional urban gas operators and service providers, engaged in urban gas pipelines and compressed natural gas sales and gas facilities, equipment installation services, the North Exchange was one of the first listed enterprises. The company's main sources of revenue are sales of natural gas and gas engineering fees. It currently has two natural gas distribution stations, one gasification station in the park and one CNG filling station, more than 10 CNG and LNG filling stations, more than 840 kilometers of gas pipeline network, more than 140,000 customers. In 2022, the company's business in the region, the real estate industry as a whole, the completion rate of the impact of gas installation revenue decline. At the same time, in order to complete the winter residents to protect the task of supply, gas procurement costs increased, resulting in a decline in the profit margin of natural gas sales.
The company said it will continue to actively integrate into the national new energy development strategy. In 2022, the company set up in Shenzhen Energy Storage Company, began in the user side of the application of energy storage to do some experiments and exploration. In 2022, the company invested 2.974 million yuan in R & D, promoting the development of natural gas wall-mounted furnace high-efficiency energy-saving key utilization technology core device, photovoltaic hydrogen supplement city gas comprehensive demonstration project. The annual report also disclosed that the company has developed a“Mobile natural gas liquefaction device” which integrates natural gas purification and liquefaction, and the equipment is highly intelligent and modular, commercial LNG can be obtained by in-situ purification and liquefaction of pipeline gas, wellhead gas, coalbed gas and associated gas of oil field (especially suitable for offshore drilling platforms) . The company plans to take this as the future main development direction, in order to enhance the market core competitiveness. (Chen Guoqing)
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